Dec. 8, 2022

45% of Violent Students in Akron Face Little Consequences

45% of Violent Students in Akron Face Little Consequences

Akron Teachers Don't Need to Redefine Assault

According to Pat Shipe, the president of AEA, 63 assaults against teachers have been reported this school year. Data provided by the district shows there were 249 disciplinary hearings in the first quarter, with five students expelled. Some 132 students received various disciplinary actions, including alternatives to expulsion, alternative placement, interim alternative placement, and transfer to another school, and 112 students were returned to their schools.

112/249 is 45% that go back to their schools.


2 Shot One Dead Over Off of Arlington

Two 18-year-old boys were shot. in the 1100 block of 5th Avenue near Chittenden Street. around 9 pm, and one died. (source). See how close you live to the shooting in Akron with this Akron Shootings map

Family Fun Time Christmas Lights in Summit Country

The Northeast Ohio Family Fun site has a great list of lights all over northeast Ohio that you can filter by count. HERE IS A LINK to Summit country

77 North is Open - Central Interchange Updates

There really seems to be some headway being made at the central interchange. 77 North is not open, but there will be more closings and openings over the next few weeks. If you go through the interchange, it will do you some good to check out this listing from the Ohio Department of Transportation that shows the updates.

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