July 24, 2022

Derby Champions Crowned

Derby Champions Crowned
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I went to catch the conclusion of the All American Soap Box Derby and met some great people and I interview some drivers who were done for the day to get some behind-the-scenes insights into what it is like to be a derby racer.

Karlye Murphy was the All-American Soap Box Derby champion for the rally super stock division, making her the first person to ever win four All-American titles. Here are the list of winners.

Watch the replay on Youtube


Local Stock Division

1. Ayva David, Clearwater, Florida

2. Timmy McCann, Camano Island, Washington

3. Colten Payne, Fredericksburg, Virginia

Local Super Stock Division

1. Aidyn Driggers, Tarrytown, Georgia

2. Quinten Wall, Erie, Pennsylvania

3. Maeve Ciuba, Sperryville, Virginia

Local Masters Division

1. Alexandra Uhler, Howard, Pennsylvania 

2. Cayson Hayes, Conneaut

3. Amy Getz, North Canton   

Rally Stock Division

1. Brayden Locher, Owensboro, Kentucky 

2. Zachary DeFreest, Eugene, Oregon

3. Brighton Flowe, Denver, North Carolina   

Rally Super Stock Division

1. Karlye Murphy, Hilton, New York   

2. Laura Smutny, Canfield   

3. Alexa Garren, Villa Rica, Georgia   

Rally Masters Division

1. Cash Driggers, Tarrytown, Georgia   

2. Ronan Johnson, Camano Island, Washington   

3. Chris Kovach, Meriden, Connecticut 


For more information see www.soapboxderby.org.

Special thanks to First Energy for Sponsoring the event.


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