March 29, 2023

House 330 Opens This Week

House 330 Opens This Week
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Lebron James and his foundation continue to bless Akron residents as they add more value to downtown as house 330 opens to help people gain job skills.

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  • How to use new parking meters in downtown Akron, Ohio - Drivers are encouraged to download the app on the Apple App Store or the Android Google Play store and become familiar with it before April 3. Parking will be enforced in downtown Akron on Monday through Friday, from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Parking on weekends and holidays will continue to be free
  • Akron teen shot at by unknown suspect, police say - Got shot in the hand at 5:15. Did anyone ask where he got the gun, and did he shot himself in the hand by accident?
  • LeBron James' Foundation To Open A Job Facility For His I Promise School's Students And Families - AfroTech - LeBron James’ I Promise School is further expanding to support his hometown of Akron, OH. Andscape reports that the NBA superstar’s family foundation is opening House Three Thirty — a job training facility named after Akron’s area code. The renovated building will feature retail, dining, and event areas to help I Promise students, parents, and family members to land job opportunities. As House Three Thirty is located near James’ school, the location aims to remove transportation barriers. For the program, The LeBron James Family Foundation has partnered with Starbucks for a Starbucks Community Store to provide job training. What’s more, the foundation’s longtime partner, JPMorgan Chase, is set to provide financial advice.
  • Official says two new levies needed for cash-strapped Akron schools | Ideastream Public Media - Stephen Thompson, chief operating officer, said the need for more tax money comes as the district looks at several large construction projects and a variety of other facilities updates and swaps. Thompson has presented financial projections over the last few weeks suggesting that the district will be at a deficit by around 2027, regardless of how the district solves its facilities issues. He said costs of construction are the highest they’ve ever been, and the district is seeing rises costs for employee salaries and healthcare. Although no decisions have been made, the district will likely need to put two levies on the ballot starting in spring 2024, Thompson said. He suggested a 6.9-mill operating levy to be used for general purposes (which would bring in about $19.3 million a year), and a 1.75-mill permanent improvement levy (to bring in $3.5 million per year), likely to fund construction of a new North High School building. “The notion that simply a levy, one levy, is enough to solve our financial problems is not accurate,” Thompson said, noting the district will also need to reduce its expenses.
  • Akron leaders set aside $500,000 to pay off residents' medical debt - AKRON, Ohio — The city of Akron has set aside $500,000 of American Rescue Plan Act funds to help some residents get rid of their medical debt. It’s a move other cities like Toledo and Chicago have made and one that cities like Cleveland are considering. Nancy Holland, Akron’s Ward 1 councilperson, proposed the resolution a couple of months ago. “Four in 10 Americans are carrying substantial medical debt,” she said. “The people of Akron need this help.” A group of medical students consistently showed up to council meetings over the last couple of months, verbalized to council members just how big of an impact medical debt can have on a community, and leaders listened.
  • Free gender-affirming hormone therapy injection kits coming to Summa Health thanks to grant - - Transgender and nonbinary patients at Summa Health’s Pride Clinic who are undergoing gender-affirming hormone therapy will have access to free injection kits thanks to an Akron Community Foundation Gay Community Endowment Fund grant the clinic received.

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