Oct. 12, 2020

I Voted Early Today My Experience

I Voted Early Today My Experience

WHat to expect at the polls

Today I voted early down on Grant street.

The line looks like it goes on forever. Don't fret, that's due to everyone staying six feed apart. The large ten holds about 100 people that are all going through loops and then you are ushered in four to six people.

When you get inside there is plexiglass between you and all the workers. I didn't see any idiots wearing their mask over their chin.

For more information about voting see https://www.vote411.org/ohio


You can still fil out the census. This is SO IMPORTANT to helping Akron get federal funding. see https://2020census.gov/en/important-dates.html

Louie's Bar and Grill Going Out of Business

Louie's Bar and Grill is going out of business on October 18th. This is so sad.


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City Owned Video Door Bells - Good Idea?

While this would give the police "eyes" in "high crime neighborhoods" are you OK with a free video doorbell? see https://www.news5cleveland.com/news/local-news/akron-canton-news/akron-doorbell-camera-proposal-leaves-some-residents-with-privacy-concerns

Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank Seeks Volunteers

The National Guard is slowly moving out from their assignment of helping.There is a 41 percent increase in people who are using this service, many for the first time. Can you help?

Go to https://www.akroncantonfoodbank.org/volunteer for more information. Need food? see https://www.akroncantonfoodbank.org/need-food

Publishing Schedule Over the Next Six Weeks

I'm in the process of moving from Cuyahoga Falls to Akron. In addtion to pickign up everything I own and moving it 15 minutes south, I am painting, updating kitchen, bathroom and other projects (ever seen the movie the money pit?). So things should return to a more stable publishing time come December 1st. Subscribe to the show at www.akronpodcast.com and have the episodes delivered to your device (for free) the minute they are available.


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