April 12, 2023

Senate Bill 83 Makes it Illegal to Be Uncomfortable

Senate Bill 83 Makes it Illegal to Be Uncomfortable
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To learn something you have to get out of your comfort zone, but according to an article about Senate Bill 83, that may soon be illegal.


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David Jackson  0:01  
It's the Akron podcast for April 12 2023. Our website, Akron, podcast.com. Down in Columbus, there is a thing going on called Senate Bill 83. And some people say it's quite simple ensures free expression on campus, and in the classroom and Ohio public universities and colleges. Well, except for one thing, and that is it doesn't because buried within the many pages, it says no state institution shall train any administrator, teacher, staff member or employee to adopt or believe in a list of restricted concepts, some of which could be interpreted as bans on concepts that are commonly part of diversity training. For example, there is a prohibition against material that would make an individual you're ready for this. Here's the fun part, feel discomfort, guilt, anguish, or any other form of psychological distress on account of his or her race, or sex. How could any training possibly discuss how some Americans have experienced and still experience discrimination due to their race or sex without anyone feeling any discomfort? I know when I was in college, we had a class called social diversity. And I basically just refer to it as the white guilt class, as it should have been, because I learned all sorts of stuff that every day was like, and here's what you know, rich white dudes did to people. That was awful. And yeah, I wasn't a big fan of that class, but I needed that class. And so think about that. If this particular bill passes, you won't be able to do that. In fact, in theory, if you think about learning anything, you are learning something new, which means you're getting outside of your comfort zone. And if you have to stay in your comfort zone, because of Senate Bill 83. You'll never learn anything. That's not a good thing.


Akron Children's Hospital is leading a nationwide grant funded study looking to develop a set of best practices for children's teens and young adults in a palliative care. The hospital has received a three year 1.3 million grant from the National Institutes of Health and nursing research to conduct the study. Palliative Care addresses how to move forward with managing symptoms and pain from a serious illness in aims to help people have the best quality of life while living with that illness. And it helps people identify kind of what's most important to the teenager to the family so that whatever the care is a really kind of furthering their own goals for living with a disease. A child or parent of a child who received hospice or palliative care at home at one of the five sites because there's four other hospitals that are involved with this is eligible to participate in the study. They also are looking to include people from understudied populations. So congrats to Akron Children's Hospital.


And this is one of those this is the world we live in. Mogadore schools and the local library were locked down Tuesday as a precaution. After a 40 caliber bullet shell was discovered near the property. It was basically found on the property of synthomer, a manufacturer who South Cleveland Avenue facility is across from the market or junior slash Senior High School. And in a nutshell, the cops came out looked around, and they didn't find anything. But nonetheless, if you find any kind of gun, which is good, I guess it's just one of those like, Wait, we found a bullet we closed the school. But in today's world, I guess that's how we're gonna roll.


I find this somewhat amusing because on one hand, every news outlet is reminding us who Jagan Walker is, and we should, we shouldn't be forgotten. But they also keep talking about how well here's this is from the beacon Journal, the chief of police intended to allow people to protest and referred to the Akron Civil Liberties Union guidelines. He's like, hey, you know, you're allowed to protest. We just want you to protest over there. We've even even set up some floodlights for you. Maybe some coffee, who knows. But I'm like, wait, I'm not quite sure you understand. The people that protest are angry, and basically don't give and they're going to do what they want because they're angry. They're emotional. And so when you come in and go, hey, everybody Sorry all the protesters. Hey, thanks for coming. We've got your setup right over there. I don't think that's going to work. I could be wrong. But this whole thing about like, Oh no, no, go ahead and protest. Have fun. We've even set it up for you. I'm not sure that's exactly what they're looking for. But they can last time I checked, they wanted a little justice.

With the way trains run in Ohio, they might have a problem selling tickets this year, which is a bummer because the Cuyahoga Valley scenic railroads National Park scenic and explorer program. Man, that's a mouthful. Those excursions are returning to the rails may 15. it departs from Akron, if you didn't know you can pick this up. If you're looking at Luigis in downtown Akron, and just go to the left you know you've got the little restaurant there and the speakeasy go down the steps and there's a pickup there right for this railroad. So it literally comes right to downtown and goes all the way up to Peninsula. And you I'll put a link in the episode description where you can buy tickets. It's a 26 mile railway railway, and it's been plagued by erosion issues and shutdowns along the tracks which run along the Cuyahoga River in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park over the last year, but US Representative Amelia Sykes, Democrat of ward 13 wrote aboard the railroads rail diesel car on Monday afternoon to talk with the park and railway staff about the issues on a round trip from Akron Northside station, which is the one I just mentioned, with a stop in Peninsula. The visit was part of Sykes effort to learn more about the rail industry in relation to the bipartisan reducing accidents in locomotives, get it its rail Ral Act, which psychs and US Representative Bill Johnson, who's a Republican in Ward six, introduced in March to improve rail safety and invest in rail infrastructure improvements after the East Palestine train derailment. So that's coming back may 5. And Representative Sykes is taking it to show you that it is safe and for the record pretty much is I mean, it's it's one track, it's 26 miles, and there are many, many trains on that. I ride my bike on the bike path there. And that's one of those things where I could take my bike with me right up to the Peninsula, and then ride home. According to their website. Tickets range from $13 all the way up to 38.