May 17, 2022

Downtown Entrepreneur Trainers Get $2 Million Check from EDA

Downtown Entrepreneur Trainers Get $2 Million Check from EDA
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Here is what is happening in Akron Ohio

City Council Prayer 

What I don't understand is why this woman is upset about a religion she does not participate in. We need to quit getting offended for people.

Rubber City Heritage Trail

Bikers and Hikers can now connect to other parts of the city

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Bounce Innovation Hub Gets $2 Million Check from EDA

I didn't even know this place existed. It's good to hear about the good things coming out of the old factories.

Clean up the City June 4th

This could be a fun event to get you and your kids involved to do something good for the city.

Police Install Cameras

This could be cool be great for certain instances, but as long as you're not using these to give me a ticket.

36 Man Shot and Killed is Identified

So sad that we are up to 11 homicides. See map

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